Ductless Cold Climate Heat Pumps for Multifamily Applications

This study will measure the performance, energy savings, and customer acceptance of ductless ccASHPs in multifamily applications and establish installation protocols to ensure their potential is realized.

Optimized Installations of Air Source Heat Pumps for Single-Family Homes

The study will develop and validate design, installation, and operational protocols necessary for ccASHPs to achieve high market acceptance and maximum energy savings.

Field and Market Assessment of Heat Pump Clothes Dryers

This study will conduct a field study of heat pump clothes dryers, compared to new conventional electric clothes dryers in single-family homes.

Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pump Field Assessment

Learn about the findings of a study that assessed the efficiency of the newest generation of cold climate air source heat pump technology in Minnesota homes.

Heat Pump Water Heaters: Savings Potential in Minnesota

White paper to characterize heat pump water heaters’ capacity to reduce space heating energy use in Minnesota homes.