Packaged terminal air conditioner replacement field study

packaged terminal air conditioner


This project will determine the energy savings potential in Minnesota for cold climate heat pump systems that can replace or displace heating and cooling operation by packaged terminal air conditioning (PTAC) systems. A market scan will be conducted to determine available products, which include packaged terminal heat pumps, split terminal heat pumps, and window heat pumps that are variable capacity and can heat to low outside air temperatures.

Systems will be selected for a field study in all-electric buildings that contain PTACs and compared against the baseline heating and cooling equipment to determine overall energy savings and system performance, and will provide ECO recommendations based on the results.

Project Summary


  • Field test several heat pump technologies to replace PTAC systems to increase efficiency in electrically heated Minnesota buildings.
  • Quantify energy, carbon, and cost savings and assess market opportunities and barriers associated with these heat pump systems.


  • Assess market and available technologies.
  • Install heat pumps and compare performance to baseline systems.
  • Document energy savings and provide recommendations.

Non-energy benefits

  • With a high efficiency heating and cooling option, occupants will have far more affordable living expenses.
  • Variable capacity equipment also reduces short cycling, increasing occupant comfort and reducing temperature swings.