Indoor grow lighting
Indoor grow lighting

LED Grow Lighting Rebates

Access free consulting and rebates covering up to 75% of project costs through the One-Stop Efficiency Shop®, sponsored by Xcel Energy.

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Partner with our lighting experts to get the most out of your indoor grow operation.

Indoor grow operation

Get on-site project support from start to finish

We start by evaluating and making an inventory of your lights to understand the unique needs of your building. As a nonprofit focused on energy efficiency, our top priority is helping you reduce operating costs and earn rebates. 

Cannabis growing under lights

Increase yields and reduce operating costs with high efficiency LEDs

  • Significantly lower energy use and maintenance costs
  • Fewer lamp replacements and longer equipment life of 50,000 hours or more 
  • High canopy PPFD with less heat generated 
  • Increased yields and improved product quality
  • Enhanced controls, improved light uniformity, and increased plant visibility
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Access superior rebates and let us do all the paperwork

From vegetation and flowering rooms to processing areas and retail spaces, our lighting rebates cover the full scope of your project, for lights you're installing today or ones you've already upgraded to. We complete and submit all rebate paperwork so your rebate arrives as quickly as possible.

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Manufacturers and rebate administrators: Please contact us at 612-244-2427 or

PPE Rebate per watt PPE Rebate per watt
1.9 $1.06 3.1 $1.21
2.0 $1.08 3.2 $1.23
2.1 $1.09 3.3 $1.24
2.2 $1.10 3.4 $1.25
2.3 $1.11 3.5 $1.26
2.4 $1.13 3.6 $1.28
2.5 $1.14 3.7 $1.29
2.6 $1.15 3.8 $1.30
2.7 $1.16 3.9 $1.31
2.8 $1.18 4.0 $1.33
2.9 $1.19    
3.0 $1.20    

Lighting with higher PPE earns higher rebates through the One-Stop program. This chart indicates the amount of additional rebate available for each level of PPE installed. Amounts reflect bonus rebates available between April 1 and November 15, 2024.

More information

Indoor agriculture operations with flower and vegetation rooms totaling 8,000 square feet or less located in Xcel Energy Minnesota territory qualify for the One-Stop LED grow lighting consulting and rebate program. All plant types are eligible including cannabis.

One-Stop LED grow lighting rebates are determined by wattage and photosynthetic photon efficacy (PPE). Lighting with higher PPE/efficiency will earn higher rebates.

CEE is a nonprofit organization that doesn’t sell or install lighting products. CEE’s One-Stop Efficiency Shop, sponsored by Xcel Energy, helps businesses find cost-effective ways to reduce energy usage and operating costs with free lighting consulting and rebates.

The Energy Conservation and Optimization (ECO) Act requires investor-owned Minnesota utilities to help commercial and residential ratepayers reduce energy use through efficiency programs. One way Xcel Energy meets this requirement is by sponsoring LED lighting rebates and free energy efficiency consulting for small-midsized businesses through CEE’s One-Stop Efficiency Shop.