Reports & Materials

Technical Report

Evaluation of New DHW System Controls in Hospitality and Commercial Buildings

Report investigating energy savings and performance of new hot water recirculation control technology in hospitality and commercial buildings.

Technical Report

Field test of Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pumps: Case Studies

These case studies report on the results of a ccASHP installed in one unit of a recently completed St. Paul duplex and a single family home in Minneapolis.

Technical Report

Quality Installation and Retrocommissioning of High-Efficiency Condensing Boilers

Technical Report

Commercial Energy Code Compliance Enhancement Pilot

This project tested the potential to cost-effectively achieve CIP program savings by providing guidance and technical assistance to designers and/or city plan reviewers in a way that would improve compliance with the Minnesota Energy Code.


CEE is Connecting the Dots

From lending to programs, research, and policy, we are driven by our mission, and moving fast.

Technical Report

Small Embedded Data Centers in Wisconsin

Seventhwave and CEE collected information from Wisconsin businesses on characteristics of their business and small embedded data centers.

Data & Reference

Conservation Improvement Program Facts

Facts about the State's Conservation Improvement Programs


Strategic Electrification Forum

This forum brought in speakers from both Minnesota and around the country to talk about a range of electrification topics including emerging tech, an evolving grid, ongoing natural gas reliance and electric innovations.


Increasing Residential Boiler Efficiency

Rebecca Olson, and Ben Schoenbauer dive deeper into project findings and discuss quality installation and retrocommissioning best practices that can be integrated into utility conservation improvement programs.


Improving energy code compliance through support and assistance

Russ Landry, P.E., and Megan Hoye, gave an overview of this study, including scope, ideas behind the two pilot programs, and the energy impact findings of the two energy code pilot projects.