Feb 3, 2021

Webinar: Refrigeration System Basics and Energy Efficient Measures


Webinar on the fundamentals of refrigeration systems and energy efficient measures that can be implemented at various applications. Over the course of this webinar, I will be going over three main objectives.

  • First, we will look at how refrigeration works and the science behind it. We will also look at common types of refrigerants. We will then explore, at a high level, the main components of a refrigeration system and how they function separately and together.
  • Next, we will go over the three main types of refrigeration system applications, ice arenas, grocery stores and industrial cold storage. The goal is to be able to provide you enough information so that you can identify the components that are commonly found in each application and how the systems operate when you’re onsite at one of these facilities.
  • Finally, we will review energy efficient measures that can be implemented in these different applications. These measures focus on improving the efficiency and operation of the components individually and as a whole. A few measures pertain specially to one of the three applications mentioned earlier but most can be implemented in all three