Reports & Materials


Energy Policy Forum: Electric Co-ops Lead Minnesota Innovation

Videos of presentations from January 2017 CEE Policy Forum.

Technical Report

Minnesota's Electric Cooperatives: Laboratories of Utility Innovation

CEE developed this white paper to help inform policymakers, advocates, and interested people how best to work with electric cooperatives on public policy issues.


New Utility Business Model

New video explores why we need to rethink utility business models for grid modernization and cleaner, more flexible energy for tomorrow's customers.

Technical Report

Demonstrating the Effectiveness of an Aerosol Sealant to Reduce Multi-Unit Dwelling Envelope Air Leakage

Technical Report

e21 Initiative: Phase II Report

Phase II report : On implementing a framework for a 21st century electric system in Minnesota.


Energy Fit Homes Certificate - Market Benefits

The presentation includes background information on building science and the benefits of Energy Fit Homes for both homeowners and Realtors®.


Advancing the last frontier: reduction of commercial plug loads

In this webinar, we describe the results from our field study on reducing commercial plug loads in detail.


Supporting energy design performance thru code compliance

Presentation about CEE's Commercial Energy Code Support Program Pilot given at the Minnesota American Institute of Architects Convention.


Power Sector Trends in the Eastern Interconnect

Mike Bull is a panel presenter at a workshop on electricity sector insights and trends.

Technical Report

Impacts of Office Plug Load Reduction Strategies

This report outlines the measured commercial building plug load energy savings using available control technologies and occupant behavior strategies.