Reports & Materials

Technical Report

CIP Energy Code Compliance Programs: Opportunities for Reaping Savings in MN

Summary of CIP-funded energy code compliance programs in Minnesota, and recommends policies for addressing the challenges associated with counting energy savings towards utility program goals.


Automated House Sealing - Aerosol Envelope Sealing of New Homes

This presentation was given at the 2018 RESNET Building Performance Conference.

Technical Report

2016 Energy Benchmarking Report

By harnessing whole-building efficiency information, Minneapolis Energy Benchmarking is accelerating energy and water efficiency improvements.


Demand Control Systems Deliver Efficiency in Commercial Hot Water Use

Technical overview of the effectiveness of new demand control systems to reduce heating and pumping costs from hot water circulation in hospitality and commercial venues.

Technical Report

An evaluation of strategies to reduce transport of pollutants from garages to homes

Five houses with attached garages were tested for contaminant transport into the living space.

Data & Reference

Guide for Indoor Public Pool Facilities Operation & Recommissioning

Guides to help public pool operators and recommissioning providers run more energy efficient facilities.

Technical Report

Optimized Operation of Indoor Public Pools

Energy efficiency guidance for utilities, technicians and recommissioning providers


Humidification Retrofits Deliver Residential Furnace Efficiency

A technical overview of the field assessment, measured energy savings, occupant feedback, and evaluation of cost-effectiveness of transport membrane humidifier (TMH) technology

Technical Report

Retrofitting 80% Residential Furnaces for High Efficiency

This research evaluated the actual savings, established implementation protocols, and demonstrated non-energy benefits of transport membrane humidifier technology in single family homes.


Optimized Operation of Indoor Public Pool Facilities

Overview of the common existing conditions and circumstances that make pool facilities ripe for energy savings support.