Reports & Materials


Shaping the Tradability of U.S. Energy Efficiency

This webinar was part of Minnesota’s stakeholder engagement effort and seeks to inform participants about the intended functionality, governance, and benefits of the NEER.


The Changing Electric System and Energy Efficiency's Promise to Keep Bills Low

Manager of strategic relations Joseph Sullivan's presentation on the future of the electric system and how energy efficiency works to keep electric bills low.


Cost-Effectiveness Tests for Evaluating Utility Programs

CEE hosted Marty Kushler, Senior Fellow at ACEEE, to present on the current state of cost-effectiveness tests for evaluating utility programs.

Technical Report

Passenger Vehicle Secondhand Smoke Particulate Measurements

This paper was presented at the 2016 ASHRAE Indoor Air Quality Conference.

Technical Report

The Context for Energy Storage to Facilitate Renewable Electricity in Minnesota

The objective of this paper is to assess the need for energy storage to facilitate increased penetration of variable renewable generation in the regional electric system that serves Minnesota.

Data & Reference

Minnesota Energy Dockets

CEE's record of the most crucial Conservation Improvement Program Filings, Integrated Resource Plans, and energy related dockets.

Data & Reference

Take Charge of Your Community's Energy Future

Five questions Minnesota communities can ask to find the right resources to improve energy use and efficiencies.

Data & Reference

Conservation Improvement Program Facts

Facts about the State's Conservation Improvement Programs

Technical Report

Interim Report: Commercial Roof-top Units in Minnesota

The objective of this study is to characterize the existing roof top units and the new/replacement market.

Technical Report

Condensing Boiler Optimization

Presentation given at the 2016 Duluth Energy Design Conference.