Reports & Materials

Technical Report

Direct Install Plus Multifamily Pilot Program - Final Report

The Center for Energy and Environment designed, recruited participants for, and completed a pilot program for 10 multifamily buildings with a total of 306 units to determine the viability of a “direct install plus” program design for Minnesota apartments.


The Impact of Window Energy Efficiency: Part 1

John Carmody and Kerry Haglund of the Center for Sustainable Building Research share an overview of how window specification can impact building efficiency, tools to guide smart specification and building design, how to use these tools, and their interesting implications.


Building Leakage Test Results

Presented at "A Design Professional's Introduction to Achieving Effective Air Barriers", hosted by AIA Minnesota.


Large Building Air Leakage Testing Video

A walk-through of field testing procedures to diagnose air leakage in large buildings.


Counting the Capacity that Didn’t Hatch: The Rate Mitigation Effect of DSM Programs

Presented at the 2013 ACEEE National Conference on Energy Efficiency as a Resource.


Roof Top Unit and Economizer Animations

Animations illustrating cooling and heating, ventilation, and economizer operation for rooftop units on commercial buildings.


Lending Center Overview - Services Available for Minnesota Cities

CEE's Lending Center provides a number of unique financing options for energy efficiency improvements in homes and small businesses. In addition to general financing options, the Lending Center administers loan products for a number of cities and communities across the metro area and greater Minnesota.

Technical Report

Field Assessment of Energy Audit Tools for Retrofit Programs

This project field-tested three different building performance models of varying complexity, in order to assess their value as rating systems in the context of a residential retrofit program.

Data & Reference

Minnesota Energy Dockets — Archive

An archive of past important Conservation Improvement filings, integrated resource plans and dockets related to renewable energy and environmental reporting.

Technical Report

Home Energy Improvement Index

This paper describes CEE's Home Energy Improvement Index which is designed for use with residential energy efficiency programs, specifically targeting cost-effective retrofits for existing homes.