Reports & Materials


Large Building Air Leakage Animation

Animation demonstrating the most effective order to seal air leakage pathways.

Info Visualization

Combi Systems 101


Technical Report

Secondhand Smoke Exposure in the Nonsmoking Section: How Much Protection?

Secondhand smoke exposure continues to be a problem in bars and restaurants where smoking is permitted. This study measures the relative SHS exposure reduction in nonsmoking sections of establishments that allow some smoking.

Data & Reference

Minnesota Energy Eras

Descriptions of four eras: Minnesota's Energy Foundation, Steel in the Ground, Reimaging Growth, and New Energy Sources.


Combi System Optimization Animation

This animation, based on results from CEE's field research, lays out the factors that influence the installed efficiency of a combi system.


Using Tablets to Collect Data in the Field

This webinar showcases CEE's mobile app development and explains how we've incorporated tablets into our residential energy program.

Info Visualization

Secondhand Smoke Animations

Animations showing how interior air driving forces affect the migration of secondhand smoke within a multifamily apartment building.


Minnesota Energy Efficiency and Load Management Symposium

CEE co-sponsored a Minnesota Energy Efficiency & Load Management Symposium with CenterPoint Energy, Great River Energy, and the City of Buffalo.


Tankless Water Heaters Update

Updates on water quality and installation issues, efficiency and savings, occupant satisfaction, and impact on gas distribution presented at the MN Blue Flame Gas Association Expo.


Variable Speed Pumping in Condensing Boiler Systems

An overview of hot water system life cycle costs and opportunities from demand side, supply side, and transmission systems presented at the MN Blue Flame Gas Association Expo.