Reports & Materials


Saving Energy in Existing Multifamily Buildings

Presented at the 2015 Duluth Energy and Design Conference.

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Technical Report

Window Retrofit Technologies

Replacing the energy inefficient windows in existing buildings can resolve heat transfer issues.


Energy-Efficiency Options for Residential Water Heating

Presentation includes energy efficient residential water heating options for natural gas and electric water heating as well as some new developments in water heating.


Field Performance of Hybrid Gas Water Heaters

A field study of hybrid water heaters designed for retrofit applications.


Combi Systems: Lessons Learned from the Field

Introduction to the technology and a discussion of lessons learned from a 200 system install project. Presented at the Presented at the ACEEE 2015 Hot Water Forum.


2015 Energy Policy Forum Presentations

Guests from around the state joined CEE, Chairman, President & CEO of Xcel Energy, Ben Fowke, and local policy experts in a conversation about the future of electricity regulatory policy in Minnesota.

Technical Report

e21 Initiative: Phase I Report

Phase I Report: Charting a path to a 21st century energy system in Minnesota


Optimizing Existing Rooftop Unit Energy Efficiency

What cost-effective options are available for building owners interested in reducing their building’s energy use? Rooftop unit retrofits are discussed as a scalable energy-saving approach.


Second Hand Smoke in Minnesota Muli-Unit Housing

Presented at the International Society of Exposure Science 24th Annual Meeting.


Community Energy Forum | How Community Actions and Resources Will Shape our Energy Future

Presentations by local and national energy experts discussing communities role in the future of energy.