Reports & Materials


Program Results from the State of Minnesota's Existing Building Commissioning Program

Energy investigations of 227 Minnesota buildings identified best practices for program managers and the need for a training and certification process for EBCx providers.


Performance and Optimization of Residential Condensing Combi Systems

This webinar goes over lab and field measurements of condensing boilers and water heaters matched with hydronic coil air handlers and distribution systems to optimize their performance.


Leakage Reduction for Large Building Air Sealing and HVAC System Pressure Effects

Building air leakage tests were conducted on six commercial and institutional buildings before and after air sealing work.


Energy Financing Animation

An efficiency project’s payback period is important not only for a company’s return on investment, but for the magnitude of secondary benefits they receive, such as job creation.

Data & Reference

Energy Efficiency Power Plant

Energy Efficiency is an Energy Resource

Info Visualization

The Morphology of Energy Labels

A visual representation of an energy rating has more of an impact than just reading a number or letter. There are numerous options for how a rating can look, and its design should follow from the message it wants to send.


Energy Savings Calculations for Existing Building Commissioning

This webinar covers the use of building automation trend data in energy savings calculations.

Technical Report

Assessment of Risk for Asthma Initiation and Cancer and Heart Disease Deaths among Patrons and Servers due to Secondhand Smoke Exposure in Restaurants and Bars

Lifetime excess risk of cancer death, ischaemic heart disease death, and asthma initiation among non-smoking restaurant and bar servers and patrons in Minnesota and the US were estimated using weighted field measurements of SHS constituents in Minnesota, existing data on tobacco use, and multiple dose-response models.


Using Building Automation Systems as a Commissioning Tool

This webinar discusses the powerful capabilities of building automation systems and their use in commissioning new and existing buildings.


Bicycling Counts Video

Bicycling Counts was an interactive, animated, mobile public art project created to celebrate and demonstrate the collective impact of cycling. This project was designed by Visual Storyteller Arlene Birt and implemented during Bike Walk Week 2012.