Reports & Materials


How Utilities are Benefiting from Minnesota's New Energy Savings Platform

Joe Plummer of the MN Division of Energy Resources and Jeff Haase of Great River Energy provide background information about the platform, who it benefits, and the goals and requirements for utility use.

Technical Report

Why Pay for Two Condensing Systems When One Will Do?

This paper covers the CEE's ongoing assessment and guidelines for combined domestic space and water heating systems.


National Governor’s Association Learning Lab on Public Facilities


Greenhouse Gas Performance Standards and Energy Efficiency: Minnesota and the Midwest Look Ahead

Leaders from MN’s Division of Energy Resources, the MN Pollution Control Agency, and the energy sector discuss regional solutions to cut emissions from existing power plants.

Data & Reference

Program Archive: Noise Mitigation Program (1992–2014)

Until 2014, CEE was the primary consultant for the Metropolitan Airports Commission implementing the Noise Mitigation Program.


Quantifying Energy Savings from Heat Pump Water Heaters in Cold Climate Homes

Senior Research Engineer Ben Schoenbauer covers findings from his recent study and app development, explaining how heat pump water heaters affect homes from a whole house perspective.

Data & Reference

Heat Pump Water Heater Calculator

Using several simple inputs, this application will determine the estimated savings and payback period for installing a heat pump water heater as a replacement for standard electric resistance water heating.


The Impact of Window Energy Efficiency: Part 2

Mechanical Engineer Gustav Brändström discuses findings and implications from recent research looking at the potential applications for window films and interior panels to increase building energy efficiency in Minnesota climates.

Technical Report

Multifamily Ventilation Assessment and Retrofit Guide

The research for this project included the assessment of 18 multifamily building ventilation systems, with a focus on the following system types: apartment central exhaust systems, corridor ventilation systems and trash chutes.

Technical Report

Meeting Utility Resource Needs with Solar

Lindsey Hemly and Nathan Franzen of Geronimo Energy discuss about the company, the design and technical merits of the Aurora Solar Project, and the potential benefits to the utility, ratepayers, and the environment.