Reports & Materials


Minneapolis Clean Energy Partnership

This webinar covered how this innovative city-utility partnership is delivering flexibility and progress in Minneapolis. This webinar was the first in a two-part series. Look for part II in Fall, 2016.


Clean Energy Plan Stakeholder Workshop

This CEE-hosted event provided a technical overview of the resource modeling behind Minnesota’s first-ever alternative resource plan.

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Multifamily Building Ventilation Tool- TrueFlow Capture Box

CEE researchers have come up with a new tool, the TrueFlow Capture Box, to help our research and, in the long run, to help multifamily building owners and managers operate more efficiently.

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Technical Report

Energy ScoreCard Pilot Program

These two reports looking into the impact of a 2-year pilot program to study the effectiveness of an energy and water benchmarking service in multifamily buildings in Minnesota.

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Aerosol Sealing for Multifamily Application

This aerosol sealant method is currently being studied by CEE to see if it is a cost-effective way to reduce envelope air leakage in Minnesota multifamily buildings.

Technical Report

Human-Building Interaction (HBI): Design Thinking and Energy Efficiency

This whitepaper introduces the concept of Human-Building Interaction (HBI), a user-centered approach that focuses on how occupants interact with buildings to consume energy.


Multifamily Central Ventilation Assessment and Retrofit Techniques

This multifamily ventilation training was given on April 24th.

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American Institute of Architects Committee on the Environment

Engagement Coordinator Megan Hoye gave a presentation on CEE's research projects to the American Institute of Architects Minnesota, Committee on the Environment.


Regulatory Innovation in the Heartland: Electricity for the 21st century

Mike presented about the e21 initiative at the Market Transformation Symposium, a three day premier energy efficiency event.

Technical Report

White Paper: Heat Pump Water Heaters

This report looked into the performance of heat pump water heaters in Minnesota.