Reports & Materials


Minnesota’s Aging Power Plant Fleet and the Clean Energy First Opportunity

Details on the future of Minnesota's electricity profile.


Research Update: Condensing Boiler Optimization

This presentation was given at the 2017 Better Buildings: Better Business Conference


Study Update: Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pumps

Project update presented at the 2017 Better Buildings: Better Business Conference.


The Impacts of Secondhand Smoke in Vehicles

Learn about research findings and policy recommendations of research looking at the impact of secondhand smoke in vehicles.

Technical Report

2015 Minneapolis Energy Benchmarking

Report outlining the findings from the fourth year of Minneapolis' energy benchmarking and disclosure policy.


Field Study of an Intelligent, Networked, Retrofittable Water Heater Controller

This presentation was given at the 2017 ACEEE Hot Water Forum.


Cold-Climate Research Round-Up

CEE and Seventhwave lead a rapid-fire discussion of innovative tech and program approaches, and the most meaningful recent research findings for utility representatives, efficiency program implementers, and both residential and commercial field experts.


Energy Policy Forum: Electric Co-ops Lead Minnesota Innovation

Videos of presentations from January 2017 CEE Policy Forum.

Technical Report

Minnesota's Electric Cooperatives: Laboratories of Utility Innovation

CEE developed this white paper to help inform policymakers, advocates, and interested people how best to work with electric cooperatives on public policy issues.


New Utility Business Model

New video explores why we need to rethink utility business models for grid modernization and cleaner, more flexible energy for tomorrow's customers.