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Heat Pump Water Heater Calculator

Using several simple inputs, this application will determine the estimated savings and payback period for installing a heat pump water heater as a replacement for standard electric resistance water heating.


The Impact of Window Energy Efficiency: Part 2

Mechanical Engineer Gustav Brändström discuses findings and implications from recent research looking at the potential applications for window films and interior panels to increase building energy efficiency in Minnesota climates.

Technical Report

Multifamily Ventilation Assessment and Retrofit Guide

The research for this project included the assessment of 18 multifamily building ventilation systems, with a focus on the following system types: apartment central exhaust systems, corridor ventilation systems and trash chutes.

Technical Report

Meeting Utility Resource Needs with Solar

Lindsey Hemly and Nathan Franzen of Geronimo Energy discuss about the company, the design and technical merits of the Aurora Solar Project, and the potential benefits to the utility, ratepayers, and the environment.


Energy Efficiency Quality Assurance: Past, Present, and Future

Quality assurance programs and standards are an important consumer protection tool to protect the health and safety of residents while ensuring that utility-sponsored programs achieve reliable energy savings.

Technical Report

Energy Fit Homes: A Tool to Transform the Market for Energy Efficiency in Existing Homes

A state-level energy-efficiency certificate approach for homes that achieve a basic standard of energy efficiency could scale up residential energy efficiency. This paper describes the rationale for this program as well as the proposed standards and program process.


Taking a New Look at the External Values of Minnesota’s Electricity Emissions

Dr. Stephen Polasky presents an overview of his 2013 analysis estimating the value of damages from air pollution generated by power plants, some background about how these values are being used in Minnesota today, and a process taking place currently at the federal level in regards to the Social Cost of Carbon.

Technical Report

Minneapolis Energy Pathways: A Framework for Local Energy Action

This report reviews leading legal, regulatory, and program options for the City of Minneapolis and recommends actions to further its energy objectives.

Technical Report

Retrofitting Forced Air Combi Systems

This project analyzed combined condensing water heaters or boilers and hydronic air coils to provide high efficiency domestic hot water (DHW) and forced air space heating.


Counting the Capacity that Didn't Hatch: The Rate Mitigation Effect of DSM Programs

Minnesota’s electric utility efficiency programs have saved approximately 68,000 GWh of electricity since 1992.1 This conserved energy, which has been called “negawatts,”2 can be considered a system resource analogous to a new power plant. It allows utilities to serve their projected load with available supply resources by reducing demand rather than increasing supply.