Apr 13, 2017

The Ons & Offs of Energy Recovery Ventilation Effectiveness


About the Webinar

Energy recovery ventilation (ERV) systems exchange energy between outgoing exhaust air and incoming outdoor (ventilation) air to reduce heating and cooling energy while meeting ventilation requirements. ERVs have the potential to eliminate the majority of the energy used for heating and cooling ventilation air. However, many of these systems fall short of achieving their design effectiveness due to a variety of problems such as improper design, installation, or operation and maintenance issues. According to a 2010 Minnesota Market Assessment Report, only 48%of systems operate properly immediately after installation, with an overall average efficiency of 42%.

The Center for Energy and Environment’s recent field study characterized energy recovery systems in Minnesota commercial and institutional buildings and identified common problems that diminish the effectiveness of ERVs. Join this webinar to learn more about study findings, recommendations for utility services, and guidance for operational enhancement in the field. 

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