Jan 7, 2021

Final Report: Aerosol Envelope Sealing of New Residences

This report is a result of the research project lead by Dave Bohac from CEE and Curtis Harrington from the UC Davis Western Cooling Efficiency Center. Access more resources related to this project.


This project investigated the use of an aerosol-based sealing method to reduce air leakage of new homes in the United States. The process involves pressurizing the building while dispersing an aerosol sealant “fog” to the building interior. As air escapes the building through leaks in the envelope, the sealant particles are carried to the leaks where they make contact and stick, sealing the leaks. A standard blower door is used to facilitate the sealing process and to provide real-time feedback and a permanent record of the sealing. The technology is thus capable of simultaneously measuring, locating, and sealing leaks in a building automatically.