Home Energy Improvement Index

The Center for Energy and Environment has developed a home energy efficiency index for use with its residential energy program, targeted at cost-effective retrofits for existing homes.

Home Energy Score

This pilot assessed the performance of three asset-based energy rating systems on Minnesota homes.

Secondhand Smoke Research

CEE is a national leader in indoor air quality research for secondhand smoke transfer in multifamily buildings, including two projects for ClearWay Minnesota.

Retrofitting Combined Space & Water Heating Systems

CEE’s ongoing assessment and guidelines for combined domestic space and water heating systems.

Capturing Energy Savings from Large Building Envelope Leakage Reduction

This project is developing diagnostic procedures to identify air leaks and methods to calculate the savings from air sealing large commercial and institutional buildings.

Minnesota Sustainable Buildings 2030

CEE serves on the Minnesota SB2030 Consultant Team developing documentation procedures, assisting with utility program design, and performing technical reviews.

Actual Savings and Performance of Natural Gas Tankless Water Heaters

This project field tested efficiency improvements and energy savings achieved by replacing standard hot water heaters with tankless models.