Project Learning

Aerosol Sealing in Residential New Construction

This project, funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, will provide builders with procedures to easily and economically integrate aerosol sealing into standard construction practices.

Field Study of Intelligent, Networked, Retrofittable Water Controller

This study aims to validate the field performance, cost-effectiveness, direct energy savings, and demand side management capabilities of Sunnovations’ Aquanta smart water heater controller.

Reducing the Energy Cost of Effective Ventilation in Multi-Unit Buildings

Field research to assess multifamily ventilation systems; design retrofits; quantify the energy savings and ventilation improvements; and develop standardized screening, diagnostic, and retrofit protocols.

Window Retrofits: Increasing Window Efficiency Without Replacement

Replacing the energy inefficient windows in existing buildings can resolve heat transfer issues. Many products available today, including window films and window panels, could reduce energy use without the cost of replacing windows.

Retrocommissioning of Condensing Boilers

Increasing boiler efficiency through development of a new programmatic approach for installation and retrocommissioning of high-efficiency condensing residential boilers

Commercial Building Plug Load Energy Reduction Strategies

The project goal is to measure commercial building plug load energy savings using available control technologies and occupant behavior strategies.

Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pump Field Assessment

This study will assess the efficiency of the newest generation of cold climate air source heat pump technologies to help determine whether they should be included in utility efficiency programs.

Field Study of a Moisture and Heat Transfer Furnace Retrofit Device

This study will evaluate the actual savings, establish implementation protocols, and demonstrate non-energy benefits of transport membrane humidifier technology in single family homes.

Hot Water Recirculation Controls in Hospitality Buildings

This project will determine the energy savings and performance of new hot water recirculation control technology to help improve the quality and efficiency of hot water delivery in hospitality and commercial buildings.

Commercial Energy Codes Support Program

This research project assists design, development, and code enforcement professionals to improve compliance with the most commonly neglected, high-impact energy code requirements.