Operation and Control of Power over Ethernet Technologies

This project will demonstrate the use of IT network switches to power and control lighting, plug loads, and HVAC, resulting in energy saving possibilities.

Assessment of Through-the-wall Condensing Furnace/AC Packages

Demonstrate the effectiveness of through-wall condensing HVAC packages in MN multifamily buildings through a field assessment and onsite measurements and performance evaluation of installed units.

Small Embedded Data Center Program Pilot

Improving the operational efficiency of small data centers in commercial and industrial settings through field studies and stakeholder engagement.

Geotargeted Distributed Clean Energy Initiative

This project will conduct planning for distributed clean energy projects in two communities within Xcel Energy’s Minnesota service territory, and select at least one area to implement a pilot program.

Energy Recovery in Minnesota Commercial and Institutional Buildings: Expectations and Performance

This field research is identifying common issues affecting the effectiveness of Energy Recovery Ventilation in Minnesota buildings and developing a protocol to optimize their performance.

Market and Performance Characterization of Commercial Rooftop Units

Characterization of the Minnesota market for RTUs and monitoring of energy use to better understand indicators of high and low performance issues.

Statewide Natural Gas and Electric Efficiency Carbon-saving Potential Study

This study will evaluate natural gas and electric demand-side management efficiency and carbon saving potential in Minnesota.

Statewide Electric Utility Infrastructure Efficiency and Carbon Saving Potential Study

This study will quantify the potential in Minnesota for improving efficiency and reducing carbon emissions through electric utility infrastructure improvements.

Advancing Electric Utility Infrastructure Opportunities

Explore advancing electric utility infrastructure efficiency opportunities in Minnesota through stakeholder engagement.

Using an Aerosol Sealant to Reduce Multi-Unit Dwelling Envelope Air Leakage

This field testing assessed the reliability and cost-effectiveness of aerosol sealing to achieve consistent and verifiable air-tightness levels in multifamily buildings.