Racked Tankless Water Heater

This project will conduct an evaluation of central condensing tankless water heating systems.

Driving Wastewater Treatment Energy Efficiency

This project will take learnings from previous research and develop a cohort training and implementation plan.

Field Study of Tier 2 Advanced Power Strips

This project’s goal is to establish the energy savings of new Tier 2 advanced power strips to encourage adoption in commercial buildings.

Wisconsin Embedded Data Center Market Characterization

Quantifying the energy impact of EDCs in Wisconsin and better characterizing their needs to incorporate into utility programming.

Best Practices and Guide to Potential Residential Cooling Solutions

Is it Time to Reconsider Minnesota Cooling Loads? Researchers look into the diversity of potential residential cooling solutions and produce a best practices guide.

Field Study of Standalone Dehumidification Efficiency Opportunities

This project will characterize stand-alone dehumidification in Minnesota, monitor the energy performance and efficacy of stand-alone dehumidification, and examine alternative solutions.

Pay-For-Performance: A Development Tool to Incentivize Ongoing Building Performance

This project will determine if a commercial pay-for-performance incentive model is cost-effective for Minnesota.

Commercial Boiler Control Tune-Ups

This project will develop and field test an expanded scope commercial boiler tune-up protocol that goes beyond burner adjustments, to provide a comprehensive review of adjustments to boiler control settings that increase energy savings.

Field and Market Assessment of Heat Pump Clothes Dryers

This study will conduct a field study of heat pump clothes dryers, compared to new conventional electric clothes dryers in single-family homes.

Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pump Field Assessment

Learn about the findings of a study that assessed the efficiency of the newest generation of cold climate air source heat pump technology in Minnesota homes.