Power Plant Transition in Host Communities

This study seeks to illustrate the impact of the shift away from power plants on six Minnesota communities that host power plants.

Aerosol Sealing of Existing Residences

The goal of this project is to develop a best practice guide for cost-effective aerosol envelope sealing of unoccupied, existing residences, to help increase envelope tightness by 75 percent.

Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration Market Assessment

This market study will focus on refrigeration measures and programs in Minnesota's grocery stores, ice arenas, and facilities that store or process cold foods or beverages.

Ductless Cold Climate Heat Pumps for Multifamily Applications

This study will measure the performance, energy savings, and customer acceptance of ductless ccASHPs in multifamily applications and establish installation protocols to ensure their potential is realized.

Optimized Installations of Air Source Heat Pumps for Single-Family Homes

The study will develop and validate design, installation, and operational protocols necessary for ccASHPs to achieve high market acceptance and maximum energy savings.

Wi-Fi Location-Based Services to Optimize Energy Efficiency

This project will determine the energy and non-energy benefits of integrating Wi-Fi Location-Based Service in commercial buildings’ management systems.

Revealing New Strategic Market Opportunities for High-Performance Envelope Retrofits

The goal of this project is to complete an assessment of opportunities for state-of-the-art, high-performance envelope retrofits on existing single-family homes.

Commercial Energy Codes Support Program

This research project assists design, development, and code enforcement professionals to improve compliance with the most commonly neglected, high-impact energy code requirements.

Retrocommissioning of Condensing Boilers

Increasing boiler efficiency through development of a new programmatic approach for installation and retrocommissioning of high-efficiency condensing residential boilers

Hot Water Recirculation Controls in Hospitality Buildings

Report investigating energy savings and performance of new hot water recirculation control technology in hospitality and commercial buildings.