Find Your Home's Report

  1. For a brief overview, use the map and address search below to find any Minneapolis home that has filed an energy disclosure report so far. (Reporting started in 2020.)

  2. To see a full energy disclosure report, with all the details, visit the Minneapolis Property Info Site. ​​​​​​​​Search for an address, click the Truth in Sale of Housing link in the upper left, select the most recent report, and scroll to the end to find the energy disclosure report and score.


Tips for using the map

  • To search by address use the “Search Address” bar.

  • To filter by neighborhood, use the “Neighborhood” drop-down menu. Uncheck the “All” option to deselect all neighborhoods, and then check the box for the neighborhood(s) you want to view.

  • Hover over an individual home to display its address, home energy score, the average score for its neighborhood, and components of its score.

  • Zoom in or out with your mouse wheel. Or double-click to zoom in, and hold shift while double-clicking to zoom out.

  • On a PC, click "Ctrl" + "Z" to undo. Use the arrows in the bottom toolbar to undo, redo, or reset.

  • Note: The bottom toolbar also offers a full-screen option on the far-right side.

  • At any time, click the home icon in the map's upper left to reset to the default view.