Reports & Materials


Valuing Energy Efficiency in Distribution Planning

Preview of Jenny Edward's presentation for the 2019 ACEEE Conference on Energy Efficiency as a Resource.


Electrification in Minnesota

Preview of Josh Quinnell's presentation at the ACEEE 2019 Conference on Energy Efficiency as a Resource.

Technical Report

EnergyScoreCards Minnesota Phase II

Implemented energy and water efficiency projects at 31 subsidized, multifamily, affordable housing buildings.


Aerosol Sealing of Building Envelopes in New Construction

Webinar presentation demonstrating a new technology that seals leaks in buildings. Hosted by the UC Davis Energy and Efficiency Institute.


Cold-Climate Air-Source Heat Pumps: Insights form the Field

This presentation was given for a training for electric co-ops.


Field Assessment of Cold-Climate Air-Source Heat Pumps in Minnesota

This presentation was given for an information session at a Minnesota utility.

Technical Report

Minnesota Energy Efficiency Workforce Gap Analysis

Assessment of the current workforce landscape in the energy efficiency sector.


Minnesota Energy Efficiency Potential Study Forum

Presenters discussed the results and recommendations of the recently completed Minnesota Statewide Energy Efficiency Potential Study.


Impact of Minnesota's Conservation Improvement Programs

Presentation about CEE and CIP programs for the Home Energy and Climate Finance and Policy Committee

Technical Report

Benefits Of Energy Conservation and MN’s Conservation Improvement Program

White Paper on the multiple benefits of Minnesota's CIP program.