May 19, 2023

CEE Impact Report: 2022

CEE in 2022: Working toward a greater good for all

CEE seeks a healthy, carbon-neutral economy that works for all people. With more than 30 years' experience in energy efficiency, we align complementary strategies behind technical research, program development and implementation, community engagement, policy advocacy, and project financing.  

We lead with equity. We work hard to bring a wide range of customized energy solutions to all members of our community in Minnesota and beyond, especially historically underserved populations. When we do it right, we believe everyone — regardless of class, race, geography, or gender — stands a better chance to realize the economic and health benefits of our emerging clean energy future. 

Working in homes, buildings, and communities in the upper Midwest, our programs and services are built by and for collaboration. Our research informs the technologies we pursue. Policy perspectives guide program strategies. Competitive financing helps make efficiency upgrades doable in homes and businesses. Like the richly diverse communities where we live and work, everything we do is intertwined and most powerful when we’re pulling together toward a greater good for all. 

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