Mar 21, 2023

Update: Heat Pump Water Heater Calculator


In 2015, CEE completed a white paper study to assess residential heat pump water heater (HPHW) performance in Minnesota. This work included the development of a web-based savings calculation tool. In the last several years, HPWH technology and web hosting have both advanced. When CEE launched a new website, the HPWH savings calculator tool was no longer compatible and was taken down. However, the final report for that work still exists. 

View the full report


The specific savings and peak reduction potential of HPWHs will vary site to site and by model. Analysis still indicates that HPWHs are an attractive option for many Minnesota homes with electric water heating and have potential as a beneficial electrification option for many Minnesota homes. Cold climate installations that would require installing the HPWH directly in occupied, conditioned space with temperature control (i.e., a thermostat) should be avoided, but typical basement installations in Minnesota are good HPWH applications. 


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