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Cold Climate Heat Pumps: Cost and Carbon Calculator

Online tool to answer cost and savings questions while considering the various possibilities for Minnesota’s energy future.


Power Plant Retirements: Community Perspectives and Realities

This webinar provides an overview of the study "Minnesota's Power Plant Communities: An uncertain future", and is followed by a panel discussion featuring representatives from each host community profiled.

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Community Energy Consulting Info Sheet

PDF of the Community Energy Consulting Info Sheet

Data & Reference

Energy Conservation and Optimization Info Sheet

PDF of the Energy Conservation and Optimization (ECO) Info Sheet


Pay-for-Performance Utility Programs

Presenters discuss how the pay-for-performance approach could impact utility programs.

Technical Report

Minnesota's Power Plants: An uncertain future

Study exploring the social and economic implications of Minnesota's energy transition for communities that host power plants.

Technical Report

Wi-Fi Location-Based Services (LBS) For Occupancy Sensing In Buildings: A Technical Overview

Technical overview of the real-time monitoring devices used in the Location Based Services research.


Minneapolis TISH Talk

During this webinar you hear from residential program manager Isaac Smith. who served as a technical advisor to the City of Minneapolis on the new energy disclosure policy.

Technical Report

Airtight Done Right: Sealing with aerosol

Article that appeared in Energy Design Update, with heavy contribution from Dave Bohac.


Impact of economizers on HVAC costs and efficiency

Taylor Smith, CEE's HVAC Consultant, explains how economizers can be used to reduce cooling costs and increase efficiency of a building's rooftop HVAC unit.