Reports & Materials


Minnesota Energy Efficiency Potential Study Forum

Presenters discussed the results and recommendations of the recently completed Minnesota Statewide Energy Efficiency Potential Study.


Impact of Minnesota's Conservation Improvement Programs

Presentation about CEE and CIP programs for the Home Energy and Climate Finance and Policy Committee

Technical Report

Benefits Of Energy Conservation and MN’s Conservation Improvement Program

White Paper on the multiple benefits of Minnesota's CIP program.

Data & Reference

Energy Interaction Committee Action Plan

This is a quick reference supplement to the 2019 Energy Integration Committee (EIC) Action Plan that summarizes the intent and sequence of all key EIC actions from 2019 through 2025.

Technical Report

Integrating Energy Efficiency in Lead and Healthy Homes Programs

This report provides recommendations to strategically interweave weatherization and healthy homes services in Minneapolis, in direct alignment with the Clean Energy Partnership.


Minnesota Energy Efficiency Potential Study Webinar

Access webinar recording and slides. Study researchers presented on results and recommendations.

Technical Report

Minnesota Energy Efficiency Potential Study: 2020–2029

Report clarifying Minnesota’s potential for saving energy and key steps to implement recommendations.

Technical Report

Solar Potential Analysis Report

Report finds that solar, wind, and storage can competitively power a majority of Minnesota’s electric needs.


Accelerating Energy Performance in Large Buildings

Findings for how to build a community wide approach to reducing energy waste in large buildings.


Achieving a Healthy Low-Carbon Economy in Minnesota

Presentation given by CEE's Policy Director at the Renewable Energy in the Midwest conference.