Nov 15, 2023

Energy Disclosure Impact Report January 2020-December 2022


About the Energy Disclosure Program

Energy disclosure seeks to motivate single-family homeowners to complete home energy improvements by providing information at the time of sale

Every time a home is listed for sale presents an opportunity for re-investment. Energy improvements, such as sufficient attic insulation or a high-efficiency heating system, can provide significant savings and comfort benefits while increasing home value. However, energy improvements are rarely included in the traditional real estate process.

The Minneapolis energy disclosure policy helps close the gap by providing energy performance information during the time of sale. This information makes it easier for buyers and sellers to understand a home’s energy performance and access resources to make recommended energy improvements. Beyond the policy, ongoing programming through a partnership between City of Minneapolis, Center for Energy and Environment (CEE), and CenterPoint Energy provides outreach, quality assurance, and other activities to advance the policy’s goals.

Report Highlights

Total Savings

From January 2020 through December 2022, Energy improvements completed by TISH residents have saved:

  • 18,700 dekatherms of energy.
  • $165,000 in energy bill savings
  • 900 metric tons reduction of CO2 equivalent

Projected savings

Using the first three years as a guide, it is estimate that by 2030 energy disclosure will save:

  • 112,500 dekatherms of energy
  • Nearly $1 million in energy bill savings
  • 5,900 metric tons reduction of CO2 equivalent

Energy Efficient Upgrades

From January 2020 through December 2022, 850 TISH residences completed at least one energy improvement. Of these residences:

  • 631 installed high efficiency heating systems
  • 255 completed insulation and air sealing improvements