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2023 Lighting Rebates

For a limited time, lighting projects that include LED tubes, fixtures, retrofit kits, and screw-ins are eligible for an additional 25% - 50% in rebates when completed through the One-Stop Efficiency Shop, sponsored by Xcel Energy.

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Non-DLC Fixtures-Kits/High Bays replacing HIDs




LED Tubes




Screw-ins/Mogul Screw-ins




DLC Fixtures-Kits/PLs/Downlights




Premium DLC Fixtures-Kits




High Bay Premium Fixtures replacing fluorescents







Non-DLC Fixtures-Kits



Screw-ins/Mogul Screw-ins/LED Tubes



DLC Fixtures-Kits



Lighting projects completed through the One-Stop Efficiency Shop are currently eligible for an additional 10% in rebates, on top of limited-time bonus rebates, when three or more different types of lighting equipment are installed. The additional 10% rebate is capped at $5,000 per project. 

Interior installations 

  • LED downlight fixtures 
  • LED screw-in 
  • LED direct linear ambient fixtures 
  • LED exit signs 
  • LED high/low bay 
  • LED linear tubes 
  • LED mogul 
  • LED refrigerated case lighting 
  • LED replacement for pin-based CFL lamps 
  • LED stairwell fixtures 
  • LED troffer fixtures and retrofit kit 

Indoor grow lighting 

  • LED indoor horticultural lighting 

Exterior installations 

  • LED canopy fixtures 
  • LED parking garage fixtures 
  • LED street and area lighting fixtures 
  • LED wall pack fixtures 

Standalone and networked lighting controls 

  • Standalone lighting controls 
  • Rebates for high end trim 
  • Networked lighting controls 

* Additonal 10% bonus up to $5000 per application 

Please contact your One-Stop lighting consultant or with questions.

*Rebate will not exceed the designated cap as a percentage of the project cost.
**For qualifying one-for-one replacements only. One-Stop staff will review rebate calculations for non-one-for-one projects.  


Bonus Lighting Rebates FAQ

What equipment is included?

  • Interior: Screw-ins, LED tubes, DLC and DLC Premium fixtures and retrofit kits, and High Bay Premium Fixtures replacing fluorescents
  • Exterior: Screw-ins, LED tubes, and DLC fixtures and retrofit kits

What deadlines do I need to meet?

For projects to qualify for bonus rebates: 

  • Purchase and install equipment between April 1 and November 15, 2023. 

  • Submit invoices to One-Stop staff by November 15, 2023. 

2023 HVAC Rebates

Equipment/Systems Improvements

kWh Cap*
Simplified building controls  $0.06  60%
Exhaust fan controls  $0.06  60%
Economizers: repair, install, improved controls  $0.06  60%
Motors  $0.10  60%
Advanced RTU Optimization Packages  $0.12  60%

*Rebate will not exceed the designated cap as a percentage of the project cost. 

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