Jan 25, 2022

Case Study: Lester Building Systems Lighting Improvements


Project Background

Lester Building Systems had a goal to decrease their energy costs by 15%–20% at their facility in Lester Prairie, MN. They tried to conserve energy by turning off lights at the end of shifts and installing smart thermostats, but still weren’t seeing the savings they wanted. To meet the company’s efficiency goals, Lester Building Systems turned to the One-Stop Efficiency Shop lighting program for help.

Facility Assessment

During a free lighting assessment at Lester Building Systems, a One-Stop lighting consultant found inefficient halogen lights throughout the building. The old lighting took a long time to warm up and produced excess heat in the summer. They were also too dim and made working conditions dangerous. The lighting consultant pointed out where LED lighting would be most beneficial, and in some cases recommended replacing two fixtures with just one LED fixture. This ensured that Lester Building Systems upgraded to the most appropriate light levels for the space while maximizing the efficiency and rebates for the project.


Lester Building Systems decided to upgrade their office space and exterior lighting with the potential to expand upgrades into their main production space in the future. Working with the One-Stop team gave them the flexibility to make the most urgent and cost-effective upgrades first, and then take the time to find the right solutions for lower priority areas. The new lighting significantly improved working conditions throughout the facility. The brighter office lights made it easier for employees to do their jobs and the LEDs outside made deliveries safer.

Project Impact


  • High electricity costs
  • Frequently burnt-out lighting
  • Halogen lights took a long time to warm up and produced excess heat
  • Employee safety concerns due to dim lighting


  • Retrofitted office area and exterior with LEDs
  • Replaced double halogen fixtures with single LED fixture to save money
  • Started with the most important upgrades with flexibility to upgrade more lights in the future

Interior Lighting Savings

  • $2,450 in annual savings
  • $1,413 rebate
  • 20,200 kWh saved

Exterior Lighting Savings

  • $1,834 in annual savings
  • $1,529 rebate
  • 29,146 kWh saved