Apr 13, 2022

Case Study: Once Upon a Child Lighting Improvements


Project Background

Al Dahlgren, a franchise owner of Once Upon a Child, a store that buys and sells children’s clothes and toys, struggled with high electricity bills and frequent fluorescent tube burnouts. These issues were costly and time- consuming, as Al was calling in electricians often to replace fluorescent ballasts at the store in Waite Park, MN. Al knew rebate options were available for upgrading to efficient LED lighting, but finding the right information for his business was a challenge. A call from a One-Stop Efficiency Shop lighting consultant was exactly what he needed to get on track for lighting upgrades.

Facility Assessment

The One-Stop lighting consultant conducted a free lighting assessment to determine the best LED options for the space. Al needed low maintenance lights that would match the aesthetic of the store. The lighting consultant created a customized report with recommendations, estimated payback periods, energy savings, and rebates to help Al make the best decision for his business.


With guidance from the lighting consultant, Al replaced fluorescent ballasts with two different styles of 4’ LED tubes. These lights had a much longer life expectancy and were easier to maintain, allowing Al to do much of the maintenance himself. The new lights also improved the aesthetic throughout the store with whiter lighting in the shopping area and warmer lighting in the office.

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CEE recommended a trusted contractor. They did a great job — were clean, courteous — and there was very little disruption to my business and customers.

Al Dahlgren, Franchise Owner

Project Impact


  • Frequent fluorescent tube burnouts and high maintenance costs
  • Confusion about lighting rebate options
  • Poor lighting quality and color for displaying merchandise


  • Simplified lighting to two styles of 4’ LED tubes
  • Maintenance is easier and can be done without an electrician
  • Improved aesthetic and lighting color throughout the store
  • Owner received optimal rebate and a fast project payback

Rebates and Savings

  • $2,377 in annual savings
  • 1.3 year payback period
  • $3,469 rebate
  • 23,273 kWh saved