Home Energy Squad

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Home Energy Squad® is here to help you save money on your utility bills. The program features an energy visit right to your house. We help you understand your home's energy use and save money on your utility bills.

NEW: Virtual home energy visits, a cost-free service.

Home Energy Squad is now offering virtual home energy visits to help you find your biggest energy savings. The cost-free visit is conducted online to help you discover low cost energy-saving opportunities. We’ll also help identify possible future projects to save you even more, so you’ll be ready for action when the time comes.

Our virtual HES visit is complementary to a future in-person visit — you can do both! After the consultation, we may find that you could benefit from some free, energy-saving products that we can install during a home visit when possible. Meanwhile our virtual visit gets you started on energy savings that increase over time.

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Home Energy Squad is provided by CenterPoint Energy and Xcel Energy, supported by participating cities, and delivered by CEE. Call us to learn more at 651-328-6220.
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Program benefits

  • Save money on your utility bills
  • Energy-saving products, installed at no extra cost
  • A healthier, safer, and more comfortable home
  • Information and solutions personalized for your home
  • Convenience, because we bring the program to you

How it Works

Each virtual visit typically lasts 1–2 hours. By participating in a virtual home energy visit, customers will receive the following:

  • a pre-visit questionnaire — allowing the energy experts to learn about your concerns and interests in advance
  • ​virtual audio/video home walk-through with two energy experts
  • a customized report with recommendations and next steps
  • post-visit consultation with an Energy Advisor


You must be a CenterPoint Energy customer and/or Xcel Energy customer to participate in this program.