Reports & Materials

Technical Report

Actual Savings and Performance of Natural Gas Instantaneous Water Heaters

To gain a better understanding of in situ performance, 24 natural gas water heaters were installed in ten Minnesota homes, then extensively monitored and tested under an alternating mode test procedure for 15 months.

Technical Report

Change in Indoor Particle Levels After a Smoking Ban in Minnesota Bars and Restaurants

The primary objective of this study was to provide detailed time-of-day and day-of-week secondhand smoke–exposure data for representative bars and restaurants in Minnesota.

Technical Report

Actual Savings and Performance of Natural Gas Tankless Water Heaters

This project field tested efficiency improvements and energy savings achieved by replacing standard hot water heaters with tankless models.

Technical Report

Secondhand Smoke Transfer and Reductions by Air Sealing and Ventilation in Multiunit Buildings: PFT and Nicotine Verification

This study was undertaken to quantify bulk air transfer between units and document transfer of Secondhand Smoke species before and after treatments that sealed boundaries between units and provided a minimum amount of continuous exhaust ventilation of each unit.

Technical Report

Secondhand Smoke Exposure for Minnesota Bars and Restaurants

Technical Report

Cost-Effective Boiler System Retrofits

The cost of energy is a significant portion of the operating expenses for any commercial building. Yet these same energy expenses are often the single largest controllable cost of operations.

Technical Report

Identifying Effective Biomass Strategies: Quantifying Minnesota's Resources and Evaluating Future Opportunities

The profile of bio-power (electricity generated with bio-mass fuels) is rising with America's concerns about the effect of fossil fuels on the environment.

Technical Report

Measured Change in Multifamily Unit Air Leakage and Airflow Due to Air Sealing and Ventilation Treatments

This paper summarizes the results from field studies to evaluate the effectiveness of air sealing and ventilation treatments to reduce environmental tobacco smoke transfer between units.

Technical Report

Secondhand Smoke in Apartment Buildings: Renter and Owner or Manager Perspectives

This study explored the views of Minnesota renters and apartment owners or managers about environmental tobacco smoke transfer between units in multifamily buildings and about smoke-free housing.

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Minnesota Energy Challenge

Free online action guide to help Minnesotans reduce energy waste in their homes, and includes community education, organizing, and team competitions.

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