Reports & Materials


CEE's Mobile App for DOE's Home Energy Score

CEE has developed and field tested a mobile app for use with the Home Energy Score.

Info Visualization

SkyView Data Mapping

CEE's web-based Geographic Information Systems (GIS) tool that allows a user to identify spatial trends in large data sets across regions.

Data & Reference

HVAC Calculator

This tool provides an easy-to-use, side-by-side comparison of the operating characteristics of different heating and cooling options in Minnesota.


Can Your iPhone (or Android or iPad) Do an Audit?

Young and old practitioners have been creating applications for iPads and smart phones for years (well, two years for an iPad). See the latest and fastest tools to make your life in the field easier. This session was highly rated at BuildingEnergy11 by both experienced and new users that have trouble using their phones.


Air Sealing and Ventilation Improvements for Multifamily Buildings

Presented at Better Buildings: Better Business Conference, February 2, 2012

Technical Report

Measured Residential Hot Water End Use

High-resolution data on draw volume, length, flow rate, and spacing both overall and by hot water end use; based on data collected in ten homes in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area.

Technical Report

Energy Efficient Cities: Using a Community-Based Approach to Achieve Greater Results in Comprehensive, Whole-House Energy-Efficiency Programs

The Energy Efficient Cities project was developed to demonstrate the delivery of innovative residential energy-efficiency programs to reduce energy use and environmental impact in at least 6,000 homes through a community-wide partnership approach.


Energy Drips Video

"Energy Drips" compares energy waste to a leaky faucet, framing energy efficiency in terms of saving money by reducing waste.


Comparison of Secondhand Smoke in Bars and Restaurants Non/smoking Sections

Information on levels of secondhand smoke measured simultaneously in the smoking and nonsmoking section of bars and restaurants in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metro area, presented at the 2011 Indoor Air conference.

Technical Report

Application of a Linear Input/Output Model to Tankless Water Heaters

This study evaluates the applicability of a linear input/output model to gas-fired, tankless water heaters. The model can be used to reproduce performance metrics, such as the energy factor, and can be used to evaluate the impacts of alternative draw patterns and conditions.