Reports & Materials

Technical Report

Small Business Energy Efficiency: Roadmap to Program Design

Designing a successful small business retrofit program requires a paradigm shift from traditional energy efficiency programs.


How Existing Building Commissioning Can Save Money and Improve Comfort in Commercial Buildings

This webinar hosted by CEE Senior Mechanical Engineer Mark Hancock focuses on the concepts of existing building commissioning.


Tankless Hot Water Heater Animations

Watch these animations for a deeper understanding of how tankless water heaters function within systems.


Combi System Animations

Watch these animations of dual integrated appliance in action to see how they compare with other heating systems.

Data & Reference

Energy Datasets

A collection of useful publicly-available datasets from trusted external sources for reference and research.

Technical Report

Efficient Lighting 101

Advances in lighting technologies have huge potential to save energy - if we match them to the proper application.


CEE's Mobile App for DOE's Home Energy Score

CEE has developed and field tested a mobile app for use with the Home Energy Score.

Info Visualization

SkyView Data Mapping

CEE's web-based Geographic Information Systems (GIS) tool that allows a user to identify spatial trends in large data sets across regions.

Data & Reference

HVAC Calculator

This tool provides an easy-to-use, side-by-side comparison of the operating characteristics of different heating and cooling options in Minnesota.


Can Your iPhone (or Android or iPad) Do an Audit?

Young and old practitioners have been creating applications for iPads and smart phones for years (well, two years for an iPad). See the latest and fastest tools to make your life in the field easier. This session was highly rated at BuildingEnergy11 by both experienced and new users that have trouble using their phones.