Reports & Materials


Variable Speed Pumping in Condensing Boiler Systems

An overview of hot water system life cycle costs and opportunities from demand side, supply side, and transmission systems presented at the MN Blue Flame Gas Association Expo.

Data & Reference

Power and Energy Primer

What's the difference between a kilowatt and a kilowatt-hour? And why does it matter? An overview of the building blocks of our energy system.

Technical Report

Retrofitting Combined Space and Water Heating Systems: Laboratory Tests

The NorthernSTAR DIA laboratory was created to identify proper system components, designs, operating parameters, and installation procedures to assure high efficiency of field installed systems.


CEE's Home Energy Efficiency Rating

This webinar reviews features of the residential energy score, its development, and early experience with pilots in Minneapolis and St Louis Park.


Demonstration of CEE's miScore Mobile App

In this webinar, Director of Engineering and Business Development Richard Szydlowski demonstrates CEE's miScore mobile app.


Tankless Water Heaters - Do They Really Save Energy?


Small Business Energy Efficiency: Roadmap to Program Design

Presented at the 2012 ACEEE Summer Study


Results of Minnesota's Public Building Enhanced Energy Efficiency Program (PBEEEP)

An ACEEE Summer Study presentation highlighting lessons learned from CEE’s public building recommissioning program

Technical Report

Tankless Water Heaters: Do They Really Save Energy?

The in situ efficiency of the storage water heaters was nearly 20% lower than rated, while that of the tankless water heaters was only 10% lower. This paper will discuss the causes, consequences, and possible ramifications of this reduced efficiency.

Technical Report

Results of Minnesota’s Public Buildings Enhanced Energy Efficiency Program (PBEEEP)

The State of Minnesota’s Public Buildings Enhanced Energy Efficiency Program is modeled after other successful utility programs. PBEEEP seeks to transform the existing building commissioning market in Minnesota from an audit based approach to a data-based investigation.