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We do visits year-round to help you save in every season.

Free visits available to those who qualify. 

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How it works

Select the right visit type for your home

HES offers 2 types of visits. The Energy Saver Visit, for homes built in or after 2000, and the Energy Planner Visit, for homes built before 2000.

Have your in-home visit

During your visit, our staff will install energy-saving materials and inspect your insulation, heating and cooling systems, and water heater.

Receive free support on next steps.

Our help doesn’t stop after the visit! If you receive recommendations for larger home improvements, our Energy Advisor Service will help you navigate these projects by connecting you to vetted contractors, special financing, and available rebates. 

Visit Type

Energy Saver Visit


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If you are interested in scheduling more than one visit, call or email us to schedule. 

$70, price reduced in some cities, free visits to those who qualify.

House type
Newer houses (built in 2000 and after), mobile homes, condos, and renters 

Visit includes  

  • Install energy-saving materials such as LED Lightbulbs*, door and attic hatch weather-stripping, programmable or smart thermostat, and high-efficiency water fixtures.  

  • Assess and adjust water heater temperature.  

  • Determine next steps.  

Energy Planner Visit


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If you are interested in scheduling more than one visit, call or email us to schedule.

$100, price reduced in some cities, free visits to those who qualify.

House Type
Houses built before 2000 

Visit Includes 

  • Install energy-saving materials such as LED Lightbulbs*, door and attic hatch weather-stripping, programmable or smart thermostat, and high-efficiency water fixtures. 

  • Assess and adjust water heater temperature 

  • Perform a blower door test to measure your home for air leaks 

  • Complete an insulation inspection of your attic and walls using an infrared camera 

  • Perform a safety test on your home’s heating system and water heater 

  • Determine next steps 

Virtual or phone consultations are available if preferred. Sign up for a virtual or phone visit here.

*LED lightbulbs available to Xcel Energy electric customers 

Home Energy Squad is provided by Xcel Energy and CenterPoint Energy, delivered by CEE.


Need assistance scheduling? 

 Call 651-328-6220 or email HESscheduling@mncee.org and our scheduling team will help get your visit set up.

After your visit

Already had your HES visit and ready to get started on your recommended projects? CEE's Energy Advisor service can help you take the next steps on these projects. Your Energy Advisor will help answer questions, prioritize projects, and connect you to financing, utility rebates, and high-quality contractors.

Contact an Energy Advisor

We make saving energy easy.

CEE works with many Minnesota cities to buy down the cost of visits and provide special resources for their residents.

Don’t see your city? Home Energy Squad visits are available to anyone with a CenterPoint Energy or Xcel Energy account. Sign up for a visit.

Intercity Challenge

The Intercity Home Energy Squad® Challenge was formed in 2020 to challenge residents to learn how their home uses energy and identify energy-saving opportunities through a home energy visit from the Home Energy Squad. At the end of each calendar year, the city with the highest participation per capita wins. A traveling trophy will be on display for the winning city. All types of visits count toward the goal. 

Learn more and view the current Challenge standings

Check out the 2022 Challenge Results

Frequently Asked Questions

Home Energy Squad visits are currently available to any resident of Minnesota with a CenterPoint Energy or Xcel Energy account.

The Squad brings several ecobee and Nest smart thermostats that can be installed at the visit if they are compatible with the home’s HVAC system. Some customers will qualify for a free smart thermostat or additional utility discounts.

Xcel Energy Smart Thermostat Discounts:

  • Income qualified electric customers can receive a free ecobee 3 Lite smart thermostat.
  • Customers with central AC can receive a $50 instant rebate when they install a smart thermostat.
  • An ecobee 3 Lite is free when you sign up for Xcel’s AC rewards program. Or you can receive an instant rebate of $75 applied towards the cost of an ecobee Premium smart thermostat with voice control.

CenterPoint Energy Smart Thermostat Discounts:

  • Customers with a natural gas heating system can receive a $50 instant rebate on both ecobee and Nest smart thermostats.

For more information on what a smart thermostat is and how they work, you can learn more on the ecobee and Nest websites.

Premium smart thermostats maybe be installed instead of an ecobee 3 Lite for an additional cost. Ask the Squad about these options during your visit.

The use and installation of smart thermostats is dependent on their compatibility with the home’s HVAC system. There are some cases where the Squad will not be able to provide or install a smart thermostat.

We know that every house has different opportunities, which is why the Home Energy Squad doesn't offer cookie-cutter visits. Each visit will be tailored to your needs and interests, including which materials are installed. For example, if you already have certain products installed, we may skip those and choose to spend more time on diagnostics or helping you plan next steps.

Free visits are available to income-qualified households (<50% AMI). Income limits are set annually by the MN Department of Commerce.

Household Size 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Income Limit $32,664 $42,708 $52,764 $62,820 $72,864 $82,920 $90,840 $101,120


Golden Valley, Richfield, St. Louis Park, and Coon Rapids pay the full cost of HES visits for residents under 80% AMI.

Household Size 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Income Limit $66,300 $75,750 $85,200 $94,650 $102,250 $109,800 $117,400 $124,950


Edina pays the full cost of HES visits for households with an annual income less than $100,000.


Minneapolis pays the full cost of HES visit for all households, while funds last. 

Even if you have had a utility audit performed on your home in the past, Home Energy Squad can still be a useful program to help reduce energy costs and connect with other resources. If you have completed any energy improvements on your home since your utility audit — especially air sealing or insulation — then we can check to make sure that your installed measures are actually saving energy.

While not necessary to conduct an energy audit, the infrared camera (IR) can be a useful tool when there is at least a 20 degree temperature difference between your home’s indoor air temperature and and the outdoor temperature. IR images are one way your auditor can identify specific areas in your home that may have insufficient insulation or air sealing such as your exterior walls or attic. These images are typically collected while the auditor is also running the blower door test, which performs effectively at all temperatures.

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¿Sabías que hacemos visitas durante todo el año para ayudarte a ahorrar en cada temporada? 

Visitas gratuitas disponibles para quienes califiquen.

Te ayudamos a resolver problemas de energía en tu hogar para que puedas ahorrar dinero y estar cómodo.

llame a 651-328-6220 para agendar su visita

Cómo funciona

Seleccione el tipo de visita adecuado para su hogar

HES ofrece 2 tipos de visitas. La Visita Energy Saver, para viviendas construidas a partir del año 2000, y la Visita de Energy Planner, para viviendas construidas antes del 2000. 

Haz tu visita a domicilio

Durante su visita, nuestro personal instalará materiales que ahorran energía e inspeccionarán su aislamiento, sistemas de calefacción y aire acondicionado y calentador de agua.

Reciba soporte gratuito en los próximos pasos.

¡Nuestra ayuda no termina después de la visita! Si recibe recomendaciones para mejoras más importantes en el hogar, nuestro Servicio de Asesor de Energía lo ayudará a navegar estos proyectos conectándolo con contratistas examinados, financiamiento especial y reembolsos disponibles.