LED light tubes
LED light tubes

Upgrade to LEDs for free

All lamps have been claimed at this time. We are no longer accepting requests for free LEDs. Please email us at onestop@mncee.org with questions. Learn more about other free lighting consulting and rebate offerings.

Why switch to LEDs?

  • Use up to 50% less energy compared to older technologies
  • Drastically reduce maintenance costs and lamp/ballast replacements
  • Improve lighting quality and employee safety
  • Help your business meet sustainability goals

No budget for LEDs? We can help.

LED lighting will significantly reduce operating costs in your facility, but finding budget dollars for a lighting upgrade can be challenging. Fortunately, resources are available for small businesses and nonprofits ready to make the switch to LEDs. CEE’s One-Stop Efficiency Shop, sponsored by Xcel Energy, provides free LED tubes and screw-in bulbs plus free installation to eligible Minnesota commercial properties.

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one! If your facility meets the program requirements, your new lighting equipment and installation from a qualified contractor will be 100% free. Funding is limited and available on a first come first served basis. View program requirements

Program requirements

To qualify, the building or unit must receive Xcel Energy commercial electric service, be in Minnesota, and meet one of the following requirements:

  • An existing average demand of 50kW or less 

  • An existing average demand of 100kW or less if Participant is a non-profit. To qualify, non-profits with an average demand of 50-100kW must be exempt from paying Minnesota sales tax and provide a completed Minnesota Form ST3-Certificate of Exemption confirming non-profit status.  

  • An existing average demand of 400kW or less if Participant is located in a priority corridor identified by Center for Energy and Environment (CEE).  

The following properties are not eligible:

  • Chains (unless owned by a franchisee)
  • Management companies if the company is the primary Xcel Energy account holder
  • Government entities
  • Public schools, colleges, or universities
  • Xcel Energy managed accounts

Sign up for a consultation or contact us at onestop@mncee.org or 612-244-2427 to confirm eligibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Conservation Improvement Program (CIP) requires Minnesota utilities to help commercial and residential ratepayers reduce energy use through efficiency programs. One way Xcel Energy meets this requirement is by partnering with CEE’s One-Stop Efficiency Shop to provide free LED lighting to eligible commercial customers.

CEE maintains a list of recommended qualified local contractors who can complete the installation. You can also use your own contractor if they agree to the program rules. One of CEE’s lighting consultants will act as a liaison between you and your contractor to approve equipment specifications, oversee the installation and process rebate paperwork.

The program includes free installation, materials, and labor of approved commercial grade LED tubes and screw-in bulbs. Contractors must adhere to pre-established equipment pricing for projects to qualify. Although uncommon, additional costs required for the contractor to perform the project, such as clutter removal, code violations, etc., will not be covered under the program and must be paid by the customer. Project scope must be reviewed and approved by CEE prior to work beginning. Customers can choose to opt-out of a project if issues arise during the planning phase.

Contractors are required to install high-quality, commercial grade LED tubes and screw-in bulbs approved by CEE. A full list of approved equipment can be provided upon request. 

We require contractors to complete projects within 60 days after CEE receives a signed One-Stop Efficiency Shop customer participation agreement and the project scope is approved by CEE.

If your facility doesn’t qualify for free LEDs, you can take advantage of free consulting and lighting rebates covering up to 60% of projects costs provided by CEE’s One-Stop Efficiency Shop. Learn more