Community Energy Consulting

CEE helps communities of all sizes to pursue energy efficient, low-carbon strategies for their own environmental and economic goals.

From greater efficiencies to emerging renewables, our energy choices are changing quickly and preparing for the future is crucial. Community leaders are recognizing the positive impacts of smart energy planning on local jobs and economies, our families’ health, and the natural environment.

If your community is ready to take advantage of the best resources and decades of field experience, CEE’s energy planning consultants will help you get the right people to the table, and facilitate discussions to empower smarter choices to save residents and businesses money while strengthening your local economy.
Showcase communities include:

City of Minneapolis. CEE united city leaders and energy experts behind a comprehensive framework for local energy action, which led to the nation’s first city-utility Clean Energy Partnership.

Rice Creek Commons, Arden Hills. CEE served on the Energy Resiliency Framework project team, helping to guide and develop the energy vision for Rice Creek Commons.

Destination Medical Center, Rochester. CEE facilitated discussions and performed research and analysis to provide the DMC board with feasible options to meet established sustainability goals.


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