Skates manufacturer saves energy and improves workspace with LED upgrade

Oct 7, 2022
Production floor at Riedell Skates

Riedell Skates, a skating equipment manufacturer, was concerned about high electricity bills, lighting quality, and employee safety at their production facility in Red Wing, MN. Their old, inefficient bulbs and ballasts needed to be replaced frequently. The constant burnouts were making electricity bills spike and it was challenging for maintenance staff to keep up. They knew LED lighting could help them save money and reduce maintenance needs, but they didn’t know what type of lighting was best for their facility.  

When a lighting consultant from CEE’s One-Stop Efficiency Shop, sponsored by Xcel Energy, reached out, it was the nudge Riedell Skates needed to make the switch to LEDs. The One-Stop program made it easy for the company to determine what kind of lighting was best for them and find rebates to lower the cost of upgrading. 

Finding Cost-Effective Upgrades 

The first step in the upgrade process was a free lighting assessment performed by a One-Stop lighting consultant. During the visit, the lighting consultant determined the best LED replacement options for the space. He generated and presented a report that included recommended upgrades, rebates, energy savings, payback periods, and recommended qualified contractors for the project. Riedell Skates’ top priority was to create a safe and comfortable work environment. Their lighting consultant helped them find efficient lighting bright enough for employees to see well without being harsh on their eyes. 

Making the Improvements 

With guidance from their lighting consultant, Riedell Skates installed Type B 4’ LED T8 lamps throughout the facility, eliminating the need for fluorescent ballasts while still using the existing fixtures. Their lighting consultant assisted them through the entire process including completing the rebate paperwork. Riedell Skates also took advantage of financing options from CEE. After making the upgrades, the workspace is noticeably brighter, and their electricity costs are down.  

“The lighting upgrade project made a huge difference in our space. It’s much brighter now and we’re able to see the production floor more.”

Dan Johnson, Director of Manufacturing at Riedell Skates. 

Enjoying the Results 

Riedell Skates’ switch to LEDs resulted in annual savings of 128,253 kWh and $14,416. Additionally, they received $16,391 in rebates. “We’ve been tracking our energy bill every month and since installing the new lights, our bill is down 19%,” said Dan Johnson, Director of Manufacturing at Riedell Skates. “In addition to utility bills decreasing, the maintenance needs were significantly reduced, and it became a safer environment for employees to work in.”  


CEE’s One-Stop Efficiency Shop® services eligible commercial customers in Xcel Energy’s Minnesota service territory. Learn more and sign up for a free energy assessment.  

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