Air Source Heat Pump Research

CEE has been a preeminent voice in air source heat pump research, leading more than five projects since 2015. Below, we’ve collected our past and ongoing market research and field study projects on heat pump technology. 

ASHP-research.pngAir source heat pumps are a high-efficiency technology with the potential to improve space heating and lower energy costs. As the technology has been refined in recent years, heat pumps have emerged as a legitimate possibility for heating residences in cold climates — in fact, the 2018 Minnesota Energy Efficiency Potential Study identified cold climate air source heat pumps as the technology expected to provide 25 percent of total residential electrical savings in the state in the next decade.

Because heat pumps work by transferring heat from outside air to the inside conditioned space, applications in especially frigid climates introduce new installation and design complexities. There is a significant need for further research into the technology to adapt and refine it for high performance in cold climates.

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Ben Schoenbauer
Senior Research Engineer