Oct 5, 2017

Air Source Heat Pumps: Cost-Effective & Cold-Climate Ready

About the Webinar

Air source heat pumps (ASHPs) have the potential to improve space heating efficiency and reduce energy costs for houses in cold climates where natural gas is unavailable. While ASHP technology has been available for many years, until recently there was concern about their efficiency and reliability during the colder portion of Minnesota winters.

In moderate climates the efficiency of ASHPs is two to three times more than standard electric heating systems. And thanks to technological improvements, the newest generation of ASHPs can operate down to temperatures between 0°F and -13°F. However, a lack of experience with these systems in Minnesota’s colder climate is currently a barrier to increasing adoption. This project assessed the new generation of ASHPs for use in Minnesota. 

Findings show the potential for ASHPs to reduce total site energy by 20% to 30%, potentially eliminating the need to refill propane tanks during the heating season when prices can be especially high. This webinar will include field data and analysis of how ASHPs performed at six different sites, as well as information on occupant comfort, cost effectiveness, and how ASHPs interact with secondary heating systems.

Learn more on the project page.