Power With Solar

Mar 21, 2023

Options for Powering with Solar

We help navigate your choices and you get started on the road to solar energy.


Interested in solar energy?

There are many ways to incorporate solar energy into your home’s energy portfolio — from generating your own electricity with solar panels to subscribing to a community solar program to purchasing solar energy through your electric utility provider. The resources below can help you navigate your choices and help you get started.

Before investing in solar energy, first make sure your home is as energy efficient as possible. After completing energy efficiency projects you will be sure that the largest possible portion of your home’s energy comes from solar energy once you make the switch. Consider these high-impact efficiency projects:

  • Attic air sealing and insulation
  • Wall insulation
  • Efficient lighting and appliance upgrades
  • High-efficiency air conditioner

Have a home energy audit through your utility provider before investing in solar energy. It will help you identify which energy efficiency projects make sense to pursue in advance of solar projects.

Ready to move on to solar

Learn more about solar energy and other renewable options through Clean Energy Resource Teams. Their website has a toolkit and guide through which you can learn about:

  • Solar Site Assessments
  • Solar Installers
  • Incentives for going solar
  • Community Solar
  • Buying renewable energy from your electric utility

If you are choosing to have solar installed on your home, CEE can help finance your project with our solar loan program.

The three biggest electric providers in Minnesota are Xcel Energy, Minnesota Power, and Otter Tail Power. Learn more about some of their renewable energy programs:

If you have a different electric utility provider, we reccomend heading over to their website to see if they offer solar, wind, or other renewable incentives, rebates, and programs.



 Outside Resources

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