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Policy Initiatives

Key regional initiatives range from nation-leading energy-efficiency innovations to consumer advocacy and emission reductions.

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Statewide Legislative topics

Energy Conservation and Optimization (ECO)

The ECO Act builds upon decades of meaningful savings in energy and customer costs through Minnesota’s Conservation Improvement Program. ECO expands customer choice while supporting local jobs and economic opportunities.

Market transformation

In unprecedented coordination among researchers, product developers, suppliers, and workforce training, market transformation ensures that the best energy efficiency solutions get to Minnesota consumers quicker and more cost-effectively than ever before.

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Regulatory focuses

Minnesota’s cost-effectiveness framework

Energy efficiency in Minnesota’s preferred energy resource. To determine the cost-effectiveness of individual strategies, we support a practical framework built on interconnected energy, economic, and environmental benefits for utilities, residential and commercial customers, and society.

Natural gas end-uses

Natural gas is the primary source for space and water heating in Minnesota, and the fuel of choice for many large businesses. To meet our state’s greenhouse gas reduction goals, we'll need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from natural gas use.

Strengthening the regulatory framework

We impel utilities to provide top-notch energy services with high reliability, universal access, and support to cut customer costs and greenhouse gas emissions. Aligned economic strategies must allow utilities to succeed as our primary energy service providers.

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Local policy development

Building Benchmarking

In Hennepin County, CEE facilitated discussions that led to the development of the nation's first multi-city benchmarking collaborative, giving cities a durable and cost-effective pathway to implement benchmarking successfully.

Energy Disclosure

After the successful launch of the Minneapolis time-of-sale Energy Disclosure, we are currently working on developing energy disclosure policies around the twin cities.

Sustainable Buildings

Our advisors provide guidance and training to implement codes and develop practical, goal-centered sustainable building standards.

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