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One-Stop Efficiency Shop® recognized as global efficiency model

The One-Stop Efficiency Shop® is profiled in the World Energy Council’s Energy Efficiency Policies and Measures database.

Home Energy Squad at the State Fair

Visit the Eco Experience to learn about energy efficiency items installed during a Home Energy Squad visit such as weather stripping, LEDs, programmable thermostats, and faucet aerators.

Media: Conservation programs benefit consumers (ABC Newspapers)

Letter to the Editor about CEE's CIP Tour event with Sen. John Hoffman and Rep. Melissa Hortman. 

CEE a partner in one of three projects to receive $3.7M from U.S. Dept of Energy

CEE will partner with Ecotope on DOE-funded project to improve energy saving opportunities through increased code compliance. 

Media: A low-income St. Paul neighborhood has an ambitious energy plan (Midwest Energy News)

CEE's president Chris Duffrin is interviewed in relation to the development of a new net zero community in St. Paul, MN.

News Release: Save Money by Saving Energy Forum

Manager of strategic relations Joe Sullivan is presenting at a Greater Mankato Growth forum on July 28.

Media: MN refinery plans major combined heat and power project (Midwest Energy News)

CEE's director of policy and communications Mike Bull is quoted in a Midwest Energy News article about a new combined heat and power project. 

CEE receives McKnight grant to help improve utility business models

The McKnight Foundation has granted $350,000 over two years to CEE to ramp up efforts toward better utility business models and to assist Midwest regulators.

Media: Staff present benefits of CIP to lawmakers, community members (NWCT)

CEE staff met with program advocates, lawmakers and community members to share success story and get the word out about the benefit Conservation Improvement Programs have on local communities. 

Leading companies collaborate to launch new circular economy initiative

CEE is among more than 25 for-profit and nonprofit businesses announcing the Minnesota Sustainable Growth Coalition