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News Release: Two nonprofits merge for greater reach and impact

CEE and Neighborhood Energy Connection Announce Plans to Merge in 2017 

Media: Minneapolis, St. Paul energy conservation nonprofits merge (StarTribune)

StarTribune article on CEE and NEC's plan to merge in 2017, for larger reach and impact.

Media: Twice as efficient? St. Paul and Minneapolis energy nonprofits to merge (Pioneer Press)

Pioneer Press article on CEE and NEC's plan to merge in 2017, for larger reach and impact.

News Release: Grant to advance Minnesota’s solar energy progress (MN DOC)

CEE is a partner in Minnesota Commerce Department's U.S. Department of Energy SunShot grant that will help achieve the energy goal of 10% solar by 2030.

Media: Programs help take the heat off buying a new, better furnace (Post Bulletin)

Article highlighting CEE's Lending Center for residential and commercial loans. 

CEE's Statement on PUC approval of Xcel Energy Resource Plan

"Today is a great day for Xcel Energy customers in the upper Midwest."

Media: Building upgrades give downtown St. Paul smaller energy footprint (MPR)

Director of Engineering Mark Hancock is interviewed about CEE's approach to recommissioning of large buildings to improve energy efficiency.

Media: Research focuses on tighter homes, lower cost (Finance & Commerce)

Finance and Commerce interviewed CEE's director of research Dave Bohac about a new research grant CEE received to research aerosol envelope sealing in new construction single-family homes. 

Media: Sustainable: Crunching numbers on buildings’ energy use (Finance & Commerce)

Finance and Commerce outlines the success of Minneapolis' building benchmarking program and how it is helping buildings across the city reduce their energy use. 

News Release: Minneapolis offers no-interest financing for recommended energy-efficiency upgrades (M

The City of Minneapolis announced that they are offering Minneapolis residents zero percent financing on energy-saving upgrades recommended by Home Energy Squad.