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Media: Home Energy Audit - A Next Step in Energy Savings (CUB Minnesota)

The Home Energy Squad's enhanced audit program is highlighted on the Citizens Utility Board Minnesota's blog.

Lighting Rebates Save Over a Half-Billion Dollars for Small MN Businesses

The significant savings One-Stop Efficiency Shop® has generated for businesses and ratepayers confirms that the programs full-service design for implementing energy savings in the small business sector has been a successful approach.

Media: Save Energy and Reduce Costs with These Programs (CIC Midwest News)

An article written by multifamily program coordinator Dan May highlights the programs CEE has to help multifamily building associations and communities reduce energy costs in their buildings. 

Research project selected for funding from U.S. Department of Energy

‚ÄčA CEE-led research project has been selected for funding by The U.S. Department of Energy's Building Technologies Office. CEE's project will explore using network switches to operate and control lighting and plug loads in commercial building office spaces. 

Media: MN is adopting a methodological approach to grid modernization (EUCI)

Policy Director Mike Bull is quoted in an article about Minnesota's work on grid modernization, specifically through the e21 Initiative. 

Media: Two Midwest utilities achieve high ranking on efficiency scorecard (Midwest Energy News)

Policy director Mike Bull is quoted in an article on the success of Xcel Energy's efficiency programs and what they need to do to continue their success. 

Media: Minnesota will proceed with its own climate change strategy (Star Tribune)

Director of Policy and External Affairs Mike Bull weighs in on what Minnesota can do to keep on track with carbon emission goals. 

Media: MN's greenhouse gas goal flopped. New goal: 'electrify everything' (MPR)

Policy Director Mike Bull is quoted in this MPR article on the future of Minnesota's carbon reduction plans.

Media: In MN, utilities & regulators plan for grid of the future (Midwest Energy News)

Article highlights CEE's work with the e21 Initiative and work using smart meters in an innovative DSM program.

Media: Benchmarking the U.S. Electricity Grid Against the Eclipse (Clean Energy Authority)

The e21 Initiative is mentioned in an article on electric utility reliability, affordability and resiliency with increased renewable energy use.