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Media: Minneapolis wants home sellers to check insulation, draftiness (Star Tribune)

Isaac Smith is quoted in an article on a potential energy efficiency add on to the current TISH. 

Media: Renewable Energy Takes the Stage at South Central Service Cooperative (KEYC News 12)

CEE's Manager of Strategic Relations Joe Sullivan is quoted in a story on the potential for renewable energy in Mankato, Minnesota. 

Media: How Minnesota could economically reach 70 percent renewable electricity (Energy News Network)

Senior Research Engineer Josh Quinnell contributed insights to a article about CEE's recent Solar Potential Analysis Report. 

Media: Lighting control systems curb energy costs (Finance & Commerce)

Erik Ennen is quoted in this article about the bennefits of networked lighting.

CEE announces new board members

CEE's board of directors has added three new members to expand and strengthen its roster: LisaBeth Barajas, Amanda Novak, and Nancy Tyra-Lukens.

New Study: Utilities can meet energy-saving goals

CEE-led study finds that utilities can continue to meet or exceed energy-saving goals.

Media: Council considers collecting housing efficiency data (Southwest Journal)

CEE's report on leveraging home inspections at time-of-sale to promote energy efficiency is referenced in a new a proposed TISH alteration.

Media: Minnesota's 10% solar goal can be met economically five years early (MPR)

CEE's Josh Quinnell is quoted in a story covering a new report on the future of solar energy in Minnesota.

Report: Renewable energy and storage can competitively power Minnesota's electricity needs

Report finds that Minnesota can produce 10 percent of its electricity from solar by 2025 and 70 percent from solar and wind by 2050 at generation costs comparable to natural gas.

Media: Study says Minnesota can economically reach renewable energy goals by 2050 (StarTribune)

A study on the potential for renewable energy in Minnesota, which CEE was a partner on, is featured in the StarTribune.