Pricing varies throughout Minneapolis depending on neighborhood. Call to learn more and Sign up to request a vist.

Visit our How It Works page for details on what is included in a Home Energy Squad visit.

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Neighborhood Partners

The following neighborhoods have partnered with Home Energy Squad Enhanced to buy down the cost of visits, so neighborhood residents can take the next to step to a more comfortable and efficient home. For more information on your neighborhood's price call our schedulers at 612-335-5874.


What your neighbors are saying about the Home Energy Squad
[I] encourage everyone to do it….I’ve already recommended it to my neighbor.
-Julianne, Fulton Neighborhood

Our visit was fabulous! We got the chance to look at our house in a new way. We had an AMAZING experience with the insulation company that was facilitated by CEE. It saved us the time and energy of vetting contractors. We felt comfortable knowing CEE, a nonprofit, had recommended them. They were at our house in just a couple weeks, which was important to us since winter was approaching. The changes in our home after our attic was insulated have been so surprising…and our heating bill is a fraction of what it used to be! 
-Paige, Seward Neighborhood

It was terrific. [The crew was] thorough, professional, and walked me through the steps. The best part was the convenience factor with the partnered vendors and contractors. After the 
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