Oct 7, 2015

Webinar: Innovations in Multifamily Building Energy Savings

Corrie Bastian, Jim Fitzgerald

About the Webinar

Multifamily buildings comprise approximately 7% of building square footage in the US. Utilities and cities are interested in opportunities to save energy, enhance the value of these buildings and increase access to improved comfort and reduced living costs for building residents. However, diverse types of construction and building age, along with split-incentives make these buildings challenging to serve.

Two members of the Relay Network, Chicago’s Elevate Energy and Minneapolis’ Center for Energy and Environment (CEE), have each been developing a comprehensive body of knowledge around multifamily for more than 30 years. In the last two years, both organizations are accelerating innovation in the multifamily sector by developing new auditing and screening techniques to help identify cost-effective energy improvements: 

  • Elevate Energy highlights it's newest program that focuses on furnace and duct system efficiency in new construction and major renovation scenarios. This approach is innovative because it is performance-based, not just prescriptive, and is appropriate for cities with older multifamily building stock where substantial renovations and new construction are growing. 
  • CEE has created new screening protocols and diagnostic tools that allow ventilation assessments to be included in a comprehensive energy audit. The approach is highlights new cost-effective energy saving opportunities and is well suited for cities with middle-aged multifamily building stock where modest retrofits and renovations are common.

This webinar is part of the research project lead by Dave Bohac from CEE. Access more resources related to this project.