Reports & Materials

Technical Report

Personal Vehicle Secondhand Smoke Exposure for Various Ventilation Modes

Technical Report

Measurement of Indoor Particle Levels in a Minnesota Tribal Casino

Technical Report

Passenger Vehicle Secondhand Smoke Particulate Measurements

This paper was presented at the 2016 ASHRAE Indoor Air Quality Conference.


Second Hand Smoke in Minnesota Muli-Unit Housing

Presented at the International Society of Exposure Science 24th Annual Meeting.

Info Visualization

Secondhand Smoke Animations

Animations showing how interior air driving forces affect the migration of secondhand smoke within a multifamily apartment building.

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Technical Report

Secondhand Smoke Exposure for Minnesota Bars and Restaurants

Technical Report

Reduction of Environmental Tobacco Smoke Transfer in Minnesota Multifamily Buildings Using Air Sealing and Ventilation Treatments

The two goals of this project are to build a sound base of knowledge that will facilitate the designation of smoke-free apartment buildings and the treatment of smoking permitted buildings to minimize ETS transfer.