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Media: Energy Vampires e-Book (All Energy Solar)

Lester Shen was interviewed for a short e-book put together by All Energy Solar on how you can tackle energy waste by reducing phantom loads.

Media: Welcome NALMCO (U.S. Department of Energy)

DOE's Interior Lighting Campaign Interviewed CEE's Facility Services Manager Erik Ennen to learn more about NALMCO.

Media: MN homeowners haven't embraced electric heat yet (U.S. News & World Report)

Research engineer Ben Schoenbauer talks about CEE's heat pump research.

News Release: Groups reach consensus on proposal to accelerate the transition to clean energy

Clean energy groups, LIUNA Minnesota & North Dakota, and Xcel Energy announced support today for a consensus proposal to accelerate the transition to a clean energy economy.

Media: What will new energy disclosure rules mean for home prices? (Southwest Journal)

Isaac Smith spoke to Southwest Journal about potential impacts of Minneapolis's new energy disclosure rule on home owners and sellers.

Media: Pursuing the Electric System of the Future, Before You Have To (T&D World)

Article in Transmision and Distribution Magazine discusses the changing electric system and how the e21 Initiaitve is helping with that change.

Media: Businesses reaping benefits of refrigeration assessments (City of Faribault)

Article highlighting a business in the City of Faribault that is saving energy through an Xcel Energy refrigeration efficincy program which CEE administers. 

CEE new home raters honored for highest gas savings per home

CEE received a 2018 Participant Award from CenterPoint Energy as the new home inspection rater with the highest average gas savings per home at 39.2 decatherms.

Media: Air Sealing with AeroBarrier (Home Energy Magazine)

CEE's Director of Research, Dave Bohac, co-authored an article on the success of a new home sealing technology.

Media: The new drill for homesellers (Southwest Journal)

Isaac Smith is quoted in an article about Minneapolis's new energy disclosure rules being implemented in 2020 and the value of insulation.