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The Many Benefits of the One-Stop Efficiency Shop

The One-Stop Efficiency Shop, program staff can help you make sure your customer gets the most suitable, efficient lighting system for their space.

Media: St. Paul launches Climate Action Plan effort (Star Tribune)

With CEE's support, the City of St. Paul is developing a Climate Action Plan and asking for community input.

Media: Lighting Maintenance Companies Find Their Way in the Digital Age (WestCoast Lighting Insider)

Erik Ennen shares thoughts on the unique position that lighting maintenance companies find themselves in the modern age of lighting.

News Release: Minneapolis makes building energy use more transparent

A new report benchmarking energy use in City of Minneapolis' buildings finds large potential for energy savings.

CEE Statement: Natural gas legislation clears way to cut Xcel Energy emissions 60% by 2030

CEE applauds Governor Dayton's approval of HF 133.

CEE's Erik Ennen appointed to NALMCO board of directors

CEE's Erik Ennen has been appointed to the board of directors of NALMCO, the International Association of Lighting Management Companies.

Media: Home Energy Squad helps maximize energy efficiency in every season (Messenger)

The many benefits of Home Energy Squad Enhanced are discussed in a Minneapolis neighborhood news article.

Media: The suburbs are leading the charge on energy efficiency (StarTribune)

Xcel Energy's Partners in Energy Program, of which CEE is an implementer of, is mentioned in a Star Tribune article. 

Xcel Energy's Partners in Energy wins Inspiring Efficiency Award

CEE is the Minnesota program implementer of Xcel Energy's Partners in Energy.

Media: States to keep utility model under a microscope in 2017

POLITICO article references Minnesota's e21 initiative, co-led by CEE and Great Plains Institute.