For Homeowners

Making a home more energy efficient has one obvious benefit — cost savings. Your home simply uses less energy than before, which can save you hundreds of dollars a year on your energy bills. But energy efficiency is so much more than cost savings, and homeowners with Energy Fit Homesâ„  certification know this first-hand.

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The requirements for Energy Fit Homes certification are often cost-effective and achievable for Minnesota homeowners. Plus, each Energy Fitness Plan provided at the home assessment is customized to the age and building type of your home, so you have the assurance that any upgrades necessary to earn certification are both appropriate and beneficial.

Not all energy-saving upgrades need to be entirely out-of-pocket. Most utilities offer rebates and incentives for homeowners to help cut down on energy usage. The Energy Fitness Plan tells you exactly which rebates and incentives are available, further reducing the expense of any upgrades needed to earn Energy Fit Homes certification.

Looking at your energy bills can give you some idea of your energy usage, but it isn’t until after a third-party home assessment that you know the actual energy efficiency of a home. Using a set of measures consistent with national energy performance standards, Energy Fit Homes certification verifies that a home is truly an energy-efficient one.

Ever notice how 68 degrees doesn’t feel the same in every home? The culprit is often energy efficiency. In making the energy-saving upgrades to certify a home, you’re protecting it from the elements year-round. Even during the frigid winters of Minnesota, energy efficiency can deliver improved comfort that everyone in the family can enjoy.

As people continue to “go green,” energy efficiency makes a home more desirable. It could also increase the resale value of a home. With Energy Fit Homes certification, homebuyers know a home meets energy performance standards and could tip the scale in your favor for both purchase decision and price, helping you to recoup the cost of energy-saving upgrades.

Wasting energy does a lot more than waste your money. It has serious implications on the environment. By making energy-saving upgrades to your home, you simply consume less energy — energy created by the burning of fossil fuels. In turn, your home generates far less of the air pollution and greenhouse gases associated with environmental changes.

Energy Fit Homes certification says a lot about a home and provides the peace of mind that you’re doing the right thing for yourself, your family and your environment.