Customer testimonial: CEE’s loans make home improvements possible

Sep 13, 2021
new windows

Small improvements to your home can make a big difference when it comes to comfort, but even minor improvements are not necessarily cheap. This is what Jalyssa, a Brooklyn Park homeowner, learned when she researched some important home improvement projects she needed to complete. Once she discovered CEE’s residential loans, however, these projects became more within reach.

The Loan

CEE offers multiple loan types depending on the improvements needed and home location. They range from general home improvement to solar energy, and statewide loans all the way down to neighborhood-specific loans. So, when Jalyssa started browsing CEE’s website, she had a variety of lending options. “It was crazy how many loans were available, and they weren’t income specific which was a huge bonus,” she said.

To bring her improvements to life, Jalyssa took advantage of her city’s partnership with CEE and secured a home improvement loan specifically for Brooklyn Park residents. With this loan, Jalyssa was eligible to improve her home’s interior and exterior, from maintenance repairs to a complete remodel.

Brooklyn Park is one of many cities with which CEE’s lending department partners. Currently, 17 metro cities partner with CEE to offer special financing programs that help their residents make their home improvement dreams a reality, and we’re constantly adding new communities.

The Improvements

Taking out this home improvement loan opened a world of possibilities for Jalyssa. With this loan, Jalyssa didn’t just make one improvement; she was able to complete four. She replaced all her windows, installed a completely new HVAC system, installed a new water softener and filter system, and updated important electrical features throughout the house. “It has made all the difference,” Jalyssa said regarding her home’s condition. This work has resulted in better temperature control inside her house, more sunlight, and less noise generated by the HVAC system.

With the wide range of loans CEE offers, the improvement possibilities are endless. Homeowners can also install solar panels, make energy upgrades, update their house’s exterior, and much more.

The Experience

What stood out to Jalyssa most was her experience working with CEE’s lending department, especially her lending officer. Throughout the process of closing her loan, Jalyssa had the opportunity to explain her credit and income to a person rather than an automated service. “It was nice to actually talk to a human because so much has become computerized and sometimes there is more to it than a computer can understand,” Jalyssa said. Working directly with a lending officer gave her an advocate to fight for her loan if problems arose.

According to Jalyssa, many of her home improvements were possible only because of her CEE loan. CEE offers lending opportunities to Minnesota residents statewide, whether they are interested in a small home improvement or a huge energy upgrade project.

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